Inspection Services You Can Count on for Slab Leaks – Detect Problems Fast, Call Your Qualified, Local Plumbing Company

Are you worried about hot spots you found on underneath your flooring? Have you noticed your water bill is higher than it should be? Do you suspect you have a concealed water leak? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a plumbing leak in your home that needs to be addressed right away. Concealed plumbing leaks can lead to massive damage to your home’s structure, costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars. Don’t wait for the situation to improve on its own. It will only get worse. Give My Winnetka Plumber Hero a call today and we’ll send one of our certified contractors to your door to investigate the problem immediately.

Ask Us about Our Top-Rated Leak Detection Services in Winnetka

Leak detection can be a powerful way to find hidden leaks fast and stop water damage to your home from getting out of control. Unfortunately, some companies rely on search and destroy methods to find these leaks, which is destructive and not the best way to seek out elusive leaks. One of the reasons our leak detection services are sought out by more and more customers every day is because our contractors only use non-invasive methods of leak detection.

Whether you need slab leak detection or have concerns about a sewer line rupture, you can depend on our contractors to use electronic equipment that finds leaks with destroying your property. At My Winnetka Plumber Hero, we promise that our contractors will only use non-invasive forms of leak detection.

Staying Ahead of Destructive Slab Leaks

A common plumbing problem in homes is the slab leak. This type of leak can occur in any type of home regardless of style, age, or type of foundation. A slab leak is a below ground leak that originates from the piping below the concrete slab a home rests upon. Usually these leaks start because of damage to the piping, poor water quality, or improperly installed piping. Things like a leaky sump pump or even water seeping from a water heater can cause destructive situations. When a slab leak, also called a foundation leak, is left alone it can quickly breakdown the concrete barrier between a home and the ground below. This leads to massive water damage.

Slab leak detection services in Winnetka, California are in high demand. To get ahead of the situation and stop potential problems, give us a call today!