24-Hour Toilet Repair and Toilet Replacement in Winnetka, CA

An out-of-service toilet or a commode that works well occasionally is not a toilet that belongs in your home. For convenience, you need a toilet that functions well 24/7. Whether you have a toilet that backs up frequently, or you want to replace the fixture with a high-efficiency model, My Winnetka Plumber Hero can help.

For over two decades, we have been the most trusted plumber in Winnetka serving residential customers as well as commercial clients. We work with an exceptional crew of trained and experienced local plumbers who are available around the clock to respond to your plumbing problems. Our same-day services include the following:

  • Same-day repairs
  • Precise evaluations
  • Free, no-obligation written estimates
  • Guaranteed service
  • Low-cost solutions

Our professional plumbing services not only leave your pipes and fixtures in top condition, but we never leave a mess behind for you to clean up!

Leaky Toilet Repair

When you have a leaky toilet, it usually presents itself as either a visible leak or a tank leak. Let’s take a moment to look at the differences between the two situations.

  • Visible leaks: These leaks are noticeable to the naked eye. They usually start at the base of the toilet and are due to fault toilet seals or improperly installed toilets. Visible leaks can also sometimes be seen seeping from the tank.
  • Tank leaks: Most people don’t realize they have a tank leak because these leaks are rather sneaky. They usually are caused by faulty interior hardware and cause the toilet to run nonstop, phantom flush, or leak water back into the toilet bowl. Because this kind of leak is not immediately noticeable, it is a leak that can waste hundreds of gallons of water.

Call us today and let us help you make repairs to your toilets to save you money and restore your sanity.

Clogged Toilets

Here’s a hard fact: Toilets are not trash cans. You cannot flush whatever you want down the toilet and not expect to have problems. Although residential plumbing systems are built to withstand a certain amount of abuse and improper usage, your water pipes and drains are not ironclad. To protect your pipes and prevent unnecessary repairs, only use toilet tissue and avoid flushing the following items down the toilet:

  • Tampons
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Baby wipes
  • Cleansing wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Facial tissue

Unfortunately, even if you’re vigilant about what is being flushed it is still likely that you will develop a clog from time to time. If the clog is in the trap, plunging the clog will probably get the job done and restore water flow. However, sometimes, blockages form deeper in the pipes and require stronger removal methods. In cases like this, you will benefit from snaking or hydro-jetting.

Don’t let a clog go untreated for long. Doing so could lead to sewer line damage and require extensive repairs or replacement.

Toilet Replacement

Do you have a toilet in your home that is unleveled? A shaky or shifting toilet isn’t good news but is usually easily fixed. Older toilets may need to be resealed to compensate for the many years of use. Ignoring a shaky toilet can lead to leaks and cause water damage.

At My Winnetka Plumber Hero, we not only repair shaky toilets but we replace them too. These days, we have many customers who are interested in learning more about high-efficiency toilets. These toilets use fewer gallons of water without affecting the overall performance of the toilet. And, they don’t cost an arm and a leg either.

Whether you need toilet repair or toilet replacement in Winnetka, call us today and we’ll help you decide what repair or replacement solutions are right for you.